Campbell moves into administrative position

Madison Easley, Staff Writer

Entering the building, Blake Campbell routinely walks to the English hall. It then dawns on him that he no longer has a classroom, and he turns around, now heading to his new office.

Previously an English teacher, Mr. Campbell has now become an assistant principal at Lakeside High School.

Campbell not only enjoys his job, but he particularly enjoys Lakeside. He enjoys the “diverse student population” we have. “We have students with lots of different personalities and interests,” Campbell said.

However, becoming assistant principal wasn’t always in Campbell’s plans. When Mr. Campbell was in middle school, he said he imagined himself becoming an architect.

Upon realizing how much math that would require, he decided that was out of the question.

English was a subject he found more enjoyable, but he didn’t immediately envision himself as an English teacher, either. He had many family members who were in education, and he was adamant on doing something different.

He ultimately decided to attend college and become a lawyer.

Somewhere along the way, he got out of the “I want to be different phase,” and switched majors. Campbell then became an English teacher, and said he fell in love with the job.

Once deciding to become a teacher, he always knew he would want to eventually move up to assistant principal.

Although he is happy with his new job as assistant principal, there are aspects of teaching he misses. “I miss the individual time spent with students,” Campbell said.

“Also, I actually miss grading essays,” Campbell laughed. He said he loved seeing his students’ writing abilities improve over the year.

Outside of school, Campbell’s hobbies include running 5ks and 10ks, and taking his two- year-old son to the playground. “He gets these big, almost scared eyes when he goes down the slide,” Campbell said.

Campbell is a big Disney fan, and has been to Disney World ten times. He plans to take his son for the first time soon.

Despite his fear of flying, Campbell hopes to eventually visit each continent in his lifetime.

After retirement from education, Campbell wants to become Arkansas governor. He is interested in politics, and would enjoy getting involved.

For now, Campbell plans to stay at  Lakeside. He wants his son to eventually attend Lakeside, as well.

Campbell has made the transition from teacher to assistant principal, but believes the number one goal of any staff member is that “they care.”

“I am excited to see the school from this side of things,” Campbell said, and he is proud to be a part of an administration that is “shaping the community’s future.”