Unique class strives to meet students’ needs

Honor Swan, Writer

In the middle of the room, desks are aligned, computers are in the corner, and a stove and fridge are in the back. This is a special classroom where students learn life skills and prepare for the world outside the school walls.

“Working with the kids themselves is what I enjoy more than anything,” Mr. Hill said. Mr. Hill said he loves connecting with all of his students, and it happens to be his favorite part of teaching special education.

There are so many programs and services available for any special needs student that attends Lakeside School District. These are all put together and managed by Mrs. Courtney Eubanks, LEA Supervisor/Homeless Liaison of Lakeside School District, and a group of special education teachers who work on making sure the program is the best it can be for the students. A few of the most common services are speech, physical, and occupational therapies, which are provided right on Lakeside’s campus.

There are also events, such as the Special Olympics, that these students get to participate in each year. Also, in CBI classes, students with more profound needs can learn functional skills and social skills; in the RAMS program, seniors can learn job skills.

On top of all of the classes and opportunities during school, there are also programs available outside of school, such as “I Can! Dance”, and TOPSoccer, which both involve a special needs student working with a buddy. Along with the different programs outside of school, there is also something the school does four times a year.

“Mr. Cook… he initiated this for our students and families dealing with having special needs…” Mrs. Courtney Eubanks said about Parents’ Night Out. The students get to do fun activities depending on the occasion while the parents get to go out for a couple of hours without having to worry about their kid.

“We are always looking for how to be better and what to do more, and we do lots of activities.” Mrs. Eubanks said.

At the end of each day, as Mr. Hill and Mrs. Eubanks reflect back on the opportunities and programs, they realize that there is always room for more that can be and will be accomplished in the future.