FCCLA members compete in STAR events

Madison Easley, Writer

   The members get off of the bus, all wearing similar red, white, and/or black semi-formal outfits. They see the judges sitting inside, and acknowledge the other students who have attended. They have been practicing and preparing their presentations, and are now ready to take the stage.

     Future Community and Career Leaders of America participated in a STAR event November 29. STAR events, STAR standing for Students Taking Action with Recognition, allow students in FCCLA to give a presentation on essentially any cause they deem worthy. STAR events are competitive; one presentation will be narrowed down as the winner.

       “I’m glad to be in a club that gives me a platform to spread awareness for a good cause,” sophomore Jayci Gibbs said.

       The event took place at Henderson State University on Wednesday morning.

Sophomore Jayci Gibbs and Sophomore Mallorie Gray gave a presentation on Down Syndrome awareness. Freshman Derrick Schmidt did his on culinary arts. Senior Angel Orejas made her presentation over recycling and designing cosplay costumes, and sophomores Loren Freeman and Autumn Spainhour presented on raising awareness on bullying among children.

        The results on who made it to the state competition to present again are expected to be released at any time. FCCLA has their fingers crossed that at least one of their presentations will be chosen to progress.

        “We’ve all been meeting after school every Tuesday and Thursday to prepare for this, and I think everyone did a good job,” Gibbs said.

        “I was very proud of all our students and their hard work showed through,” Jaime Lofton, FCCLA advisor, said.