Gun violence in America must end


Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs. Who will be next?

The United States has a problem with gun violence. According to the website, “The Mass Shooting Tracker,” 372 mass shootings occurred in 2015. Four-hundred-seventy-two people were killed and around 1,870 were wounded. People cannot even leave their home anymore without the fear of being murdered by a gun in a deadly attack.

In 1996, there was a mass shooting at Tasmania’s Port Arthur in Australia. Thirty-five people were killed and 23 others were injured. The Australian government decided that it had to do something to stop gun violence. The National Firearms agreement banned all automatic and semi-automatic weapons in Australia. A total of 660,959 firearms were bought back by the government, then destroyed. There has not been another mass shooting since. Why can’t America learn from this?

    Often times when people from other countries think of America, guns are the first things that come to their mind.

    “When I think of guns in America, I think of violence. If America really wants guns, they should have the same policy as the Japanese,” Shannon Bains, a British teenager, said.

    According to The Washington Post, Japan has the lowest gun homicide rate in the world at one in ten million. It is a lengthy process to get a gun in Japan. Even if one undergoes the process, he or she is still only permitted shotguns and air guns.

    First, would-be gun owners take a class to learn about the responsibilities of owning a gun. They are asked several questions to make sure they couldn’t potentially harm others.

After they are finished with the class, they are expected to pass an exam. Once the exam is passed, they have to undergo an interview. It has to be absolutely clear that the person has no mental illness and no foul intentions of owning a gun. After they are cleared, they must practice at a local shooting range. They then earn their certificate. This process lasts approximately four months.

    It is not the same in America. The process is too easy. If someone wants to own a gun in America, all he or she has to do is go to a local gun retailer, present an ID, and sign a couple of forms. That person would be able to leave the store with a gun that very day. This country should follow the same process as Japan.

   Gun violence isn’t declining in America. This country must do something to stop it now before it is too late.