‘IT’ offers scary fun

Gaylynn Green, Staff Writer

Stephen King’s, ‘IT’, is a great revision of the movie made in 1990. This movie, released in 2017, already has a lot of viewers, and I haven’t heard a bad thing yet about anything in the movie.

In 1960, seven preteen outcasts, Beverly, Bill, Richie, Mike, Ben, Stanley, and Eddie, fight off an evil demon that poses as a child-killing clown named Pennywise. In the older movie, the seven outcasts reunite 30 years later to stop the demon once and for all.

In the new ‘IT’, the characters are preteens throughout the whole movie. There will be a second ‘IT’ coming out to show what happens 30 years later at their reunion.

In the movie, Bill’s brother, Georgey, dies. That is when they all start to have weird experiences and see things that aren’t really there.

One of the big things that Pennywise lets the children see is balloons. The balloons can be whatever color, but they are all filled with blood and will pop in their faces.

The children all get very scared, but that doesn’t stop them. They all put up a fight to the clown, Pennywise, and try to ruin him as much as they can.

I personally thought that the new and revised ‘IT’ was very funny and was not nearly as scary as the original. I would describe the movie as a funny thriller. There are moments when the movie gets a little scary, but more funny than scary.

The scariest part of the movie is looking at Pennywise himself. I am not a very big fan of clowns, but I still enjoyed watching the movie. 

‘IT’ is a movie I recommend. It is funny and scary, so what more could one ask for in a movie?