Column: Homework is a headache

Gaylynn Green, Staff Writer

Students frequently complain about having too much homework every night. They say they stay up for hours and barely get any sleep the night before because they are up so late doing homework.

“Homework is becoming to be way too much for me, especially with work and everything else going on,” Senior Brooklyn Kinsey said. It is hard for some students to keep up with all of their homework when there is so much homework.

She has a lot of the same classes that I do, so I can also get overwhelmed with all of the homework we are assigned and my job. Working as a high school student can make things very hard for someone.

Some studies have even shown that some high school students may be so overburdened with all of their homework that it takes a toll on their health.

Research from Stanford University found that students that have a lot of homework every night experience more stress, physical health problems, a lack of balance in their lives, and alienation from society. This adds extra emphasis to those students who also work, play sports, or maybe even take care of their younger siblings.

When it comes to stress, more than 70 percent of students said they were “often or always stressed over homework,” with 56 percent listing homework as a primary stressor. Many students feel forced or obligated to choose homework over developing other talents or skills.

I personally do not have very much homework, but handling the homework I do have with my job makes things ten times harder for me. Homework is a bad thing for me because of how much I work.

Developing new friendships or even keeping the ones one has requires work. It is harder for the typical high school student to find time to hang with friends or loved ones because of the amount of homework they have and the stress they are under.

“Some nights I come home and I don’t even get to eat dinner and talk with my family. I sit in my room all night and study or do homework,” Junior, Shelby Kathcart said.

Homework makes life harder, but it is something that just has to be dealt with. Either way, teachers will most likely assign homework for grades in their classes.

Good or bad, homework is homework. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. Some kids love homework, but I personally do not like it all.

It isn’t the best idea to be giving kids homework anyway because what if they have a question? Who are they supposed to ask for help if their parents are not there to help?

Homework is a bad thing for most people. It takes up a lot of time and adds so much more extra stress to a person.

“I am only a sophomore and I have spent many late nights staying up to study and do homework. It gives me headaches and stresses me out so much more than the average teen needs to be,” Sophomore Riley Green said.

Some nights it would be nice to go home, relax, and do nothing. It is hard for students today to do that with everything they have going on plus the extra hours of homework.