Kindness matters

Uplifting Others Is Key to One’s Own Happiness


By spending a day in a high school, one can easily see that many students do not show genuine kindness to their peers. Although most students may appear to get along, there is an overabundance of negativity and a lack of civility when they are not face-to-face. People need to realize the importance of uplifting others not only for the other people but for one’s self.

Students will go out of their way to make petty comments on other students. Some real, overheard examples include,”Did you see his girlfriend? She isn’t pretty,” “Why does that boy laugh so much?” and “Why does she not just dress like everyone else?”

These comments reflect people going out of their way to be negative when they aren’t even being affected.

The boy’s girlfriend doesn’t have to be pretty to anyone but him, the boy who is laughing is probably just actually happy, and everyone has a right to self-expression.

Even the students who appear to be nice can be caught making these types of pointless comments, indulging in unhealthy, negative behaviors.

As humans, we shouldn’t want to devote so much of our energy to negativity and looking down on others. Not only does it affect the innocent person being put down, it is also hindering the unkind person’s happiness. They are voluntarily bringing anger and negativity upon themselves.

The motive behind putting other people down is typically one’s own insecurities. Outside of high school, this negativity is also seen among adults. It even affects our politicians.

The most recent presidential debates seemed to be centered around who can best insult the other candidates. There was an overwhelming lack of civility. Some words President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used to describe each other included,”the devil,” “nasty,” “unfit to serve,” and “full of tremendous hate.”

This uncivil behavior is all around us and is demonstrated by the president all the way down to a high school student. We may not understand someone, or we may not get along with others. Regardless, we should all treat each other with respect. Harboring anger or negativity in our hearts is only weighing us down.