Blonde moment

Cast selected for spring musical

Lily Elvey, Staff Writer

     Every spring, students and members of the community come together to watch Lakeside’s version of Broadway.

     Legally Blonde is the musical for this year. It will take place in the auditorium April 26-28.

     Legally Blonde is about a girl named Elle who decides to go to Harvard hoping to win back the man of her dreams.

  Elle, the main lead, will be played by freshman Katelyn Hartsell.

  Mark Langley, Teddy Nguyen, Sarah Haman, and Jana Young are in charge of the musical.

  Mr. Langley is the director of the show. Legally Blonde will be the 12th show in Mr. Langley’s time at Lakeside.

  Auditions were held Jan. 17. Approximately 40-50 students tried out. For the auditions, students were required to learn the two prepared monologues from the show and prepare a Broadway song 30-60 seconds in length.

  For some students, auditioning doesn’t always come easily. Some struggle with nerves, especially when it comes to the singing portion of the audition.

  According to Mr. Langley, casting students can be difficult at times, although “the perfect roles usually find itself,” Mr. Langley said.

   If he could give one piece of advice to students it would be “If there is something you want to do don’t let fear hold you back.”