District experiences technology gains

Honor Swan, Staff Writer

Technology is something that the Lakeside School District has been gaining more of in the past couple of years. There has been a lot of talk about going one-to-one, and it is slowly happening. Soon, there will be a Chromebook cart in every classroom.

“Next year hopefully we will be one-to-one pre-k through 12th grade,“ Jordan Bourland, Lakeside School District’s instructional technology facilitator, said.

Recently 16,000 new Chromebooks have been distributed throughout the school district. Mrs. Bourland has been working with the other people in the department to distribute Chromebooks to the middle and intermediate schools this past fall.

“I believe that students should have the access to technology in every class because it will help Lakeside become the eco-friendly school that we are striving to be.“ sophomore Lana Farmer said.

As for the students who don’t have wifi at home, administrators are looking into getting some MiFi Portable Hotspots for students to take home and use to do school work. They are also hoping that by next year if anyone does not have a computer at home, media specialists will be able to check one out in the library.

“We do have some older computers that we check out in the library overnight or on the weekend,” Stony Evans, media specialist, said. For right now, students who need a computer to take home can go to the library, according to Mr. Evans, or they can get to the library in the mornings at seven and stay after school in the library until 5:30.

Students can also be involved through an internship which students can apply for this spring. They will help distribute Chromebooks and helping with any other technology-based project going on at the time.

The technology department is working on many projects to make Lakeside School District a technology school. There are a lot of changes in technology that will be happening in the near future.