Improvements add to campus function, appearance

Honor Swan, Staff Writer

Improvements are being done all around the Lakeside campus. In particular, over the past year, the administration has made many changes to the physical appearance of the campus.

“We want our kids to feel like, hey, we got the best academically, that is first and foremost,” Superintendent Shawn Cook said. One of Mr. Cook’s favorite renovations that the administration has made during his time as superintendent is the science wing in the high school.

Other than the science wing, there have been many other improvements that have been going on just this past year. A roundabout, new ticket booths, a larger concession stand, and new bathrooms have all been built next to the Field House and football field.

“We are a growing district,” Principal Darin Landry said. He noted that the old entrance to the football field created long lines of students and patrons entering the stadium.

Another improvement the administration recently completed is putting new turf on the football field; the turf has not been changed in 11 years. In addition, the visitor’s side bleachers are being repaired.

The bleachers were wooden, and some were even on the brink of breaking, so the new seating is made of aluminum instead of wood. The new bleachers are ADA approved, safer, and more accessible to handicapped people.

The entire process of renovating the visitor’s side bleachers cost a total of $145,000. This included fixing the bleachers along with adding safety precautions and widening the bottom row for wheelchairs.

“I love how it [improvements] gives the school a more modern feel. The improvements also make walking around campus safer,” sophomore Savannah Garcia said.