‘Good Old Days’ reminiscent of success

Madison Easley, Staff Writer

       Macklemore’s single Good Old Days, featuring Kesha, was released Sept. 19. It is a powerful, pensive hip-hop ballad that really stands out on his latest album Gemini, which was released Sept. 22.

        The song begins with a piano playing, and Kesha promptly begins the hook. Her voice is full of melancholy as she sings,”I wish somebody would have told me, babe, / that someday these will be the good old days.”

         After the chorus, Macklemore joins in and reminisces about the times when he couldn’t wait to get older and become famous. Now that he’s finally made it, he longs for the days when he was younger.

         Kesha provides the chorus a second time, and Macklemore then lists some of the regrets he has collected in his life. This ranges from substance abuse to not asking a girl to his high school homecoming dance.

          The song generates a sense of nostalgia and provokes reflection on one’s own life.

           Lines such as,”Someday soon your whole life’s gonna change, you’ll miss the magic of these good old days” and “we’ve come so far, I guess I’m proud / and I ain’t worried ‘bout the wrinkles ‘round my smile,” are evocative enough to give chills.

           If given enough thought, the song could be tear-jerking. It sheds light on the fact that life is short, and you don’t have time to waste by not enjoying it or taking advantage of what you have right now.