Frizzell departs Lakeside; takes over as head volleyball coach at OBU

Gaylynn Green, Staff Writer

The day that Coach Allison Frizzell resigned to become the head volleyball coach at Ouachita Baptist University was a day that many students and volleyball players say they will have a hard time forgetting. With all of the hard work, dedication, countless days in the gym, and the daily lessons in class, it was time for a fresh, new beginning for Coach Frizzell.

“I am beyond excited to start this new journey in my career. OBU is home to me and now to go back and coach at my alma mater really shows the rapport I have with the school. OBU has impacted my life in so many ways, and I pray that I will be able to impact the lives there as much as I have been impacted,” she said.

Coach Frizz spent her college days at OBU doing what she loves most: playing volleyball. She played all four years and never failed to mention to her volleyball players how much she loved it.

Three and a half years and four volleyball seasons later, it was time for Coach Frizz to take an even bigger step to further her career. She said volleyball brings her so much joy and there’s no better way to make her happy other than winning and having fun while doing it.

Conference champs and going to state every year were Coach Frizz’s favorite memories. “I was able to see the growth of my student-athletes from year to year, and watching them blossom into successful student-athletes was impressive,” she said.

With Coach Frizz’s departure,  someone had to take over her classes and the volleyball program as a whole. For athletics and off-season purposes, Coach Darrell Davis and Coach April Lawson will be taking over to make sure the girls stay motivated for their new coach and their upcoming season.

As far as classes go, her second period was split up amongst a few math teachers, but her third and fourth period math classes were given to Mr. Ken Kalahiki.

Coach Frizz was more than pleased with Lakeside and everything that came with it. “Lakeside went above my expectations in a volleyball sense. The girls were always hard working, and they made academics a priority. We were really on the same page making the program look like a whole from 7th grade up to varsity. Overall, my staff and I became a family and were shoulders to lean on,” Coach Frizz said.

With new beginnings come the things that will be missed. “I will miss most the relationships I have made with teachers, the coaching staff, and of course the volleyball girls. They all know I will be an ongoing supporter and that they may contact me so I can help them in any way possible,” Coach Frizz said.

Coach Frizz has not only left her mark on the volleyball players, but Lakeside as a whole. “I feel like I have set a foundation for the new coach coming in and setting a high standard for volleyball student-athletes. Gaining an off season program was a priority to me and we were successful in getting one and the program is already reaping the benefits from that. If anything, I would like my student athletes to remember how much I cared for them as a person and not just from an athlete standard. That’s what I feel like a coach’s goal should be- to care for the athlete as a whole- and I believe I left my mark there,” she said.

Coach Frizz was more than just a coach or just a teacher. She will forever leave her mark on the volleyball players and Lakeside as a whole.