Esteves never stops trying no matter the challenge

Honor Swan, Staff Writer

Going from just learning how to sew to winning the costume construction competition at the state Thespian’s Festival, sophomore Madison Esteves can truly accomplish almost anything that she puts her mind to. Even though she had a few obstacles in her path, she still had some other decisions to make along the way.

The Costume Construction competition is where the contestant creates an outfit for a character of a play and then presents it in front of a group of judges.

“I decided to make a costume for the character Viola from Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night, and her costume included a jacket and a pair of pants,” Esteves said.

Esteves says she was very nervous before she started her presentation but soon felt much calmer as she started talking about her costume with the judges.

According to Sarah Haman, Thespian’s club advisor, Esteves did exceptionally well in the competition, and even though Haman wasn’t able to be in the room while Esteves was presenting, her scores show how well she did at her task.

Even with the high scores she earned, there is always room for improvement, so Mrs. Haman recommended that Esteves reread her scoring sheets and brush up on any questions in the interview portion that gave her pause.

All in all, the trip to the Thespian’s Festival was a success, according to Esteves. She loved all of the workshops she got to do as well as watching and competing with other thespian members in a very comforting environment.

Whether she ends up going to Nationals or not, she learned a great amount of knowledge from the experience. With all of her hard work, Esteves was able to take on a challenge, and it ended up paying off.