School safety on the minds of students, teachers

Sophia Hardin, Staff Writer

School safety has been on the mind of many American students recently. It seems like there is a new school shooting every week. Students have to live in fear of being murdered at their own school.

Every Lakeside student has his or her own personal opinion on whether or not he or she feels safe at school.

“Even just hearing about a school shooting puts me in a worrisome state of mind. I don’t think that there is anything the school could do that would make me feel safe if someone were to walk into school with a gun. Some days I do feel safe; however, it’s more my mindset than the actual school,” sophomore Loren Freeman said.

Teachers also have their own opinion on the matter. History teacher Ron Franklin says he personally feels Lakeside is putting proper safety procedures in place.

“Teachers and administration have practiced ‘active-shooter scenario’ drills with the Hot Springs Police Department and SWAT teams. We have a Rave Panic button app that sends alerts instantly to all personnel and law enforcement. The Lakeside app has an ‘Anonymous Tip Line’ feature so students and community members can report suspicious activities without fear of retribution,” Franklin said.

“All classrooms are designed with solid wooden doors with wire mesh in the window panes for added safety (no one can reach into a room to unlock the door). Doors are equipped with wire cables that are easily utilized to prevent anyone from entering the classroom,” Franklin said.

Visitors can also only enter the building through one entrance, where they must scan their ID to be allowed access into the school.

These safety procedures may sound very secure to most, but they still raise many questions and concerns.

“What if I’m in the hallway when a shooter comes?” “What if they shoot through the door?” “What if the shooter is a student who is already in a classroom?” Questions like these have escaped the lips of many students in the past few months.

Safety precautions can be put in place, but there is no way to know for sure if they work until it actually happens.