Arming teachers, other measures sought in response to shootings

Lily Elvey, Staff Writer

In just 2018 alone, there were 19 school shootings in the United States. As a result, many politicians and educators are discussing whether or not teachers should be armed.

Freshman Isabella Oseguera agrees that teachers should not have guns on them. “Teachers get made fun of all the time, and they obviously hear it,” she said.

Junior Miller Dickerson agrees, saying she would not trust an average teacher with a gun.

On the other hand, junior Kile Adams thinks teachers should be armed to protect students in situations like the one that recently occurred at Parkland High School in Florida.

Senior Ben Gammill thinks every teacher that is comfortable doing so should be allowed to be armed or at least there should be one to two armed teachers in each hallway.

Most schools have at least one person on the campus who is armed for security reasons.

Lakeside, like many other schools, has a resource officer, Officer Tony Schaber. However, some may question whether one officer is enough for a campus as big as Lakeside.

“I think Lakeside should have three officers on campus at all times for our safety,” Kile said.

“We definitely need more than one officer on campus because Lakeside is not a small school. One officer could not handle our entire campus in an emergency situation,” Miller said.

Ben suggests at least two officers per building.

In addition to resource officers, schools and students take other steps to insure safety.  Isabella says she always makes sure to be on guard and watch her surroundings, as well.

Both Kile and Isabella say that student IDs could also add to the school to make it safer. Another suggestion Miller made would be to keep every door locked except the atrium and employ at least one more officer for the high school alone.