Kollective provides pleasant environment for coffee lovers

Appealing to many coffee drinkers, Kollective Coffee and Tea located in downtown Hot Springs has much to offer. Kollective is considered a third wave coffee and tea house, meaning they sell only what they find to be high quality, artisanal coffee.

When walking into Kollective, one immediately feels welcome. The overall environment is very comfortable and relaxed. Artworks cover the walls, cozy club chairs offer seating, fairy lights hang on one wall, and poetry reading sessions are held on Wednesday nights.

The menu offers many options for coffee, which is what the establishment is most popular for. However, beyond coffee, many teas and meals are also served. Although they describe the food as “healthy-ish,” it is by far healthier than most restaurants.

The coffee and tea are not sweetened, so people who dislike strong flavors should ask for sweetener or flavor add-ins, which include vanilla, raspberry, hazelnut, and caramel.

Employees will put a design on the top of the coffee, commonly a leaf, which goes with their natural, earthy vibe.

Kollective serves their tea hot, and there is an array of flavor options. The Italian blood orange tea has a good, unique flavor that isn’t easy to find at other restaurants.

The menu includes some vegan-friendly options, as well as gluten-free.

The Breakfast Bowl of Goodness has impressively fresh, seasonal fruit. There is also flexibility when building your own bagel, with several combination options.

There is always a soup of the day, and the tomato basil is an excellent one to try if it is available. The toast that comes with it also has good flavor and complements the soup well.

The prices are reasonable, with the most expensive dishes being $9, such as the Cuban Panini and the Turkey and Gouda sandwich.

Kollective’s employees are also very nice and welcoming, and the cashier made it a point to ask each customer how their day was going before they sat down.

“I love Kollective’s coffee and atmosphere, and I also love going downtown, so it’s overall just a good experience,” Savannah Muldoon said.