Delicious new downtown bakery draws in customers

Sophia Hardin, Staff Writer

The scent of cinnamon and coffee beans fill the air. Will’s Cinnamon Shop is open for business.

Will’s is a new and upcoming bakery in Hot Springs, AR. It serves cinnamon treats, ice cream, and coffee. However, the establishment is most known for their delicious, homemade cinnamon rolls.

The cinnamon rolls come fresh out of the oven and melt right in your mouth. They come with different icing options such as cream cheese and traditional. They are so popular that sometimes the bakery sells out and has to turn people away.

The inside of the bakery has a very cozy hipster feel. The brick walls make one feel as if they’re in a rustic Brooklyn cafe. The staff is very kind and willing to help customers with any questions they may have about the food.

The owners plan to install a full coffee bar, which will definitely draw in more customers. Will’s continues to be a spectacular place.

There is nothing that Will’s can do to improve itself, it’s already amazing!