No clear answer to gun control, shootings


Threats and shootings have become some of the most talked about subjects during the past couple of years. There have been over two hundred school shootings within the past three years and counting, according to EveryTown Research for Gun Safety.

This problem has become such a big issue that practically every person asked about the conundrum is scared to some degree. The problem with knowing about all of the different shootings and threats that happen at schools is no one knows how to help fix it.

Threats are another big issue because no one knows when people did it just to be funny or if he or she were serious. Another thing that has become a big topic is the Second Amendment and the right to own or possess a gun.

Since shootings have been happening more frequently, people have been questioning whether the government should change the law when it comes to people having any gun. The one question that has been going around is whether changing the Second Amendment would change anything in the long run.

Other than changing the gun law, people could also increase security at the schools even more than it already is. The problem with this is some schools might not be able to afford to pay for all of the extra security.

There are so many other ways people and schools could try to prevent shootings and threats from happening, but at the end of the day, the world we live in is becoming more dangerous by the minute. Everyone no matter whether there is a change or not, everyone needs to be careful wherever they go.