Stricter dress code creates challenges

Whispers fill the halls as students argue with one another about if they think they will get in trouble for the outfit they decided to wear that day.

Recently, a new addendum was made to the handbook about dress code. These new rules went into action when students returned from Winter Break.

Additional rules include no longer allowed to bring blankets, no ripped jeans with cuts 6 inches above the knee, no loungewear and more.

The new dress code has caused problems for students. Some students had to go out and purchase new items to wear that match these new requirements.

“I can’t wear any of my jeans anymore,” eighth grader Mikala Clendenin said.

This new addendum has also affected the cheerleaders and Golddusters; they are now no longer allowed to wear their uniform if it does not meet the code.

These changes affect students who are not able to express their style and creativity; the changes also have created lots of conflicts. “I had to buy all new clothes,” freshman Lakeisha Criswell said.

Mikala thinks one of the reasons the changes have been a big deal is because we can’t wear the clothes we want anymore and the school expects us to pour all of our money out all of a sudden. Lakeisha says that not everyone needed new clothes but yet were still forced to buy them.

Some students could argue if they think the new rules are beneficial or not. Four girls were interviewed and all but one said the new changes were not beneficial. Lacie Leveritt, eighth grader, thinks that these changes are beneficial to the school and make Lakeside as a whole look a lot cleaner and organized.

The other major issue is the fairness of the dress code. Some students complain about being dress coded and other people not getting dress coded for “worse” articles of clothing. “The dress code has not personally affected me yet, but I have noticed some people get dress coded and others do not,” Lacie said.

The school dress code is something anyone could debate over for a long period of time, but as of now, Lakeside will continue with the new changes that were made this winter.